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Here are three scenarios. Which one sounds familiar to you? 


Identity Crisis

Something occurred that you didn't plan for. A divorce. A funeral. A breakup. A job loss. Rejection from family and/or loved ones. Freshly out of college and isolated from your support network. But you're pretty amazing and resilient, so you powered through it. You might even perceive to be "on the other side" of the trauma, and functioning well. However, there are still wounds. There is still hurt, there are still feelings of betrayal, grief, and well, exhaustion. You're going through the motions, but wonder what you're doing. And maybe, deep down, you're wondering what the point is to it all. You've managed to be robbed of your sense of joy and sense of purpose...and aren't all that hopeful you will get it back. But...maybe...just're willing to give it one more try. 

Spiritual Crossroads

So you know who you are, but still have so many questions. You're still wondering why you are here, but in a different way. What purpose do I serve on this planet? Surely, this can't be all there is. There must be more, but what? 

Or perhaps you are in a different crossroads. The faith, religion, and spirituality you grew up with just doesn't reconcile with what you know to be true...deep down. Perhaps you can no longer believe in a God who punishes, shuns, discriminates, encourages hate, and creates separation. You have so many questions, but there's no one you trust to walk alongside you as you wrestle with these important questions.


Purpose Coaching


If you are here on your life's journey, I want to congratulate you. Not only do you know who you are, but you also know whose you are. Now you are ready to explore what it means to life out your purpose on a daily basis. 

It's possible you might need some additional refining and clarity at this point. This is not only okay, it's encouraged. You want to have a clear heading, speed, and altitude as you fly toward your new destinations. This helps prevent mis-steps along the way.

Learn to Grow Where You're Planted

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