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About Kat

Kat is first and foremost an Episcopal chaplain at Georgia Tech and Oglethorpe University, located in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Georgia Tech and majored in Industrial Engineering, but it was always her dream to be the Episcopal chaplain at Georgia Tech. Kat also holds an MBA from Brenau University, a Master of Science in Counseling from Richmont Graduate University, and is expecting to complete a Doctorate of Education from Creighton University in the Fall of 2022. 

Kat is passionate about breathing hope into people by acting out her Baptismal covenants of: Teaching, fellowship, meals, prayer, forgiveness, service, striving for justice, and respecting the dignity of every human being. She hopes to reach those college students that have fallen through the cracks, desperately needing physical, spiritual, and emotional help....and do it in such a way that stigmas are eliminated, progress is made, and peace is found.
Kat is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, where she has served in the past as a Province Director and interim Chapter Advisor. She's currently the Wellness Advisor for her chapter at Georgia Tech.  

In her spare time, Kat likes to go to concerts, read science fiction, and go to trivia night at various bars and taverns. She's married to Lance, has one daughter, and adopted the best cat in the world, Cowboy. Her favorite Netflix binge was a tie between Battlestar Galactica (New), Supernatural, and Orphan Black. 

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